Pedda Gundam Waterfalls Adilabad

About Pedda Gundam Waterfalls in Adilabad Telangana

Pedda Gundam waterfalls is located in Kokasmannar, the district of Adilabad Telangana and Pedda Gundam waterfalls is one of the best tourist places to visit in Telangana.

Pedda Gundam Waterfalls Distance by Road

  • Hyderabad to Pedda Gundam waterfalls distance is 276 KMS
  • Pochera Waterfalls to Pedda Gundam waterfall distance is 18.1 KMS & can reach by 26 mins.
  • Kuntala Waterfalls to Pedda Gundam waterfalls distance is 27 KMS & can reach by 35 mins.

Best Time To Visit Pedda Gundam Waterfalls

  1. September to December – Best Time to Visit Pedda Gundam Waterfalls
  2. Monsoon & Post-monsoon Seasons – Best Time to Visit Pedda Gundam Waterfalls

Pedda Gundam Waterfalls History

Pedda Gundam Waterfalls is also the most beautiful and atmospheric of all the waterfalls in Telangana. This waterfall location is fully surrounded by greenery and is becoming a famous waterfall in Telangana state as one of the Hyderabad weekend getaways to relax for one day trip.

Know Pedda Gundam Waterfalls Route in Google Maps

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