Kuntala Waterfalls in Telangana

Kuntala Waterfalls Adilabad Telangana

Kuntala Waterfalls is located in the district of Adilabad Telangana and Kuntala waterfall is the highest waterfall with 200 feet height in the state of Telangana. Also, Kunthala Waterfalls is one of the top tourist places to visit in Telangana.

Kuntala Waterfalls Route Map by Road

1. Distance between Neredikonda to Kuntala Waterfalls is 12 km.
2. Distance between Nirmal to Kuntala Waterfalls is 43 km.
3. Distance between Adilabad to Kuntala Waterfalls is 58 km.
4. Distance between Hyderabad to Kuntala Waterfalls is 260 km.

Till Neredikonda village, you can choose Public transport which is available and from there, private vehicles must be hired to reach Kuntala Waterfalls.
1. September to December - Best Time to Visit Kuntala Waterfalls

2. Monsoon & Post-monsoon Seasons - Best Time To Go To Kunthala Falls.

Kuntala Waterfalls History

Local’s say that Kuntala Waterfall got its name after Shakuntala – the beloved wife of King Dushyanth. The couple fell in love with each other by seeing the beauty of Kuntala waterfall surroundings and Shakuntala used to take bath in the waterfalls. Kuntala Waterfalls is situated in the center of Sahyadri hill near Neredigonda village in Adilabad District and Kuntala Falls is formed by River Kadam. Kunthala Falls is one of the nearest Hyderabad weekend getaways for a day outing with friends and families. From starting entry point, you should walk around 15 minutes to reach the Kuntala Waterfalls.

How to Reach Kuntala Waterfalls

Till Neredikonda village, you can choose Public transport which is available and from there, private vehicles must be hired to reach Kuntala Waterfalls, Adilabad Telangana Tourism.



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